Framed Football Tops and Sport Shirts

There are many ways to frame football tops and sports shirts, however the method that we use is fully reversible and we do not use double sided tape or adhesive to hold the shirts in position. It will be framed in such a way that the shirt will not be hard up against the glazing, as this can cause mould and mildew on the fabric.
We stock a selection of finished mouldings suitable for the framing of football shirts and sports shirts, however if you are looking for something special we will be delighted to disuses your requirements in greater detail. We also stock a wide choice of Mount Card to enhance the artwork.
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When framing football tops and sports shirts we always

  • Take a lot of time and effort to present your shirt at its best, and just the way you want it.
  • We will fix your shirt to an Acid Free Foamboard.
  • Our aim is not to damage your shirt
  • It must not fail through time
  • No adhesives, double sided tapes will be used next to the fabric.

New Half Shirt & Sports Top Frame

For Small/Medium and Large sports tops the Half Top is the perfect option. 600mm wide and only 500mm high. The top is stretched over an acid free card form and attached to an acid free backing board colour of your choice. The frame choices are either Brushed White or Brushed Black. Incorporating an 18mm air gap to keep the shirt off the glass and reduce the risk of mould. This style will only suit unsigned tops or tops with signatures that do not fall below the sponsors name.


  • Framed football tops - Aberdeen
    Framed Football Top
  • Framed football tops - Newcastle
    Framed Football Top
  • Barcelona framed football-top
    Framed Football Tops