Bespoke Framing from BM PIcture Framing Gallery

All Bespoke Frames Made To Measure

For Picture Framing that’s as individual as you.

We supply a Bespoke Framing Service from our Gallery in Stonelaw Road. Customers can bring in their art, and we will be delighted to quote for a range of mount combinations, slips, mouldings and glazing, that will compliment your artwork.

The bespoke service means that you the customer are in charge of the various components that will be blended together to give you a unique and pleasing piece of art that you will admire and treasure for many years to come.

We have many hundreds of satisfied customers who have used this service, and rarely does a day go by without a customer popping their head into the gallery and thanking us for the work that we have done in framing up their art. We appreciate their feedback, and as we do not invest much in advertising, we rely on word of mouth, and hope that when people call in to see a friend’s new piece of art they are suitably delighted and decide to have something framed themselves.

Please look through the services we can offer, you’ll be surprised at all the things we offer.

Swept Frames

We offer a choice of swept frames which are manufactured in the far east. They are ideal for oil paintings / pictures and mirrors. They are available in set sizes and although we do not stock these frames they are available on 24 hours delivery.

Hand Finished Frames

We offer a range of Hand Finished Frames to compliment your artwork, or when clients are looking for something different. From a range of over 50 bare wood profiles, in a choice of Obeche, Ash and Oak there is sure to be something to please even the most discerning customer.

We use the Farrow and Ball paint chart for painted frames, and the Coloron Wood Dye Chart for stained frames. The use of Liming Wax can also enhance the grain of certain woods. All the frames are glued, joined, and sanded by hand to your specifications.

Why choose Alphamat Mount Card & Clear Colour Glass?

The Artcare™ system protects your precious photos by creating an archival enclosure designed to absorb pollutants and acids that cause photos and art to fade and discolor. Independent laboratory tests prove only Artcare™ actively protects photos and art from the damaging effects of time – which means your memories will last for generations.