Signature Frames

Signature Frames - Great Gift Idea for any Occasion

For Picture Framing that’s as individual as you.

The Signature Frame is a unique reminder of those special moments when you have a group of people celebrating an event. Each person leaves a short sentiment for the recipient(s), who is then presented with this permanent reminder of not only the all names of all those present - as well as their special sentiments. Before attending your event take the time to familiarise yourself with the instructions and if you have not already done so, attach a 4" x 6" photograph to the back of the larger aperture, and the legend to the smaller aperture. Make sure both are well attached.

Instructions are as SIMPLE AS 1 - 2 - 3

  • 1 - turn the frame glass side down on a firm soft surface, and bend up the metal tabs holding the back onto the frame.
  • 2 - carefully remove the back, Signature Mount, and glazing medium, and place to one side.
  • 3 - reassemble the frame by placing the mount into the frame first, then the glazing medium, with the back last. Finally gently bend the metal tabs flat against the back. Make sure all the tabs are fully bent flat.
Each person at the event is then asked to leave a short sentiment to the recipient(s). Before the end of the event, Take the time to disassemble the "Signature Frame" and re-insert the glazing medium at the front of the frame as this will protect the signed mount from accidental damage. Finally present this lovely and unique gift to the recipient(s) to treasure for many years to come. The ink in Sharpie pen provided uses a UV inhibitor which will slow down any fading over the years. Each under mount is hand painted by artisans to enhance the depth of the acid free mount board. While the top mount board is a flat white acid free board designed to remain colour fast. Please take care in the assembly and dis-assembly of this product. While we make every effort to reduce the risk of injury, handle all cut edges with extreme care.