Glass Types used in our Frames

The choice of glass available with our frames is extensive and we have a glass type for most framing situations. Our standard choices are Acrylic Float Glass, Non Reflective Glass, Clear Colour Glass and Museum Standard Glass.

Acrylic 1.2 mm

  • If you are considering travelling with a framed picture or sending a picture by mail then this glass would be ideal. It is a robust glass and will take a lot of abuse that would damage normal glass.
  • Ideal for children's rooms and public areas

Float Glass

  • Clear magnification

Non Reflective Glass

  • For Glazing of images in bright conditions

Clear Colour

  • White water glass with the 'iron' impurities taken out. This glass gives a bright clear image with reduced reflection.

Museum Glass

  • White water glass with the 'iron' impurities taken out with a UV Protection added.