Mounts and Mounting Board Options

Picture Frame Mounts and Mounting Board Options Used in Frames

Blackcore Mount Card

Mount card with an interesting black core which is non acidic. The core and backing are made from chemically purified wood pulp from which all potentially harmful substances have been extracted.

Blackcore mount-card is 1400 micron (1.4mm) thick. This creates an added 3 dimensional look only a black centre can impart. Ideal for beautiful V' Grooves.

Whitecore Mount Board

Alphamat artcare - download standard range of colours form the website. Mountboard with a solid white core that will keep its fresh new look and protect your artwork from airborne pollutants that can damage it through time.

The acid free mountboard or face paper is virtually fadeless with a broad palette of colours in the range.

Extra Thick Mountcard

Available in many colours and extra thick mountcard os 2000 microns (2mm).

Suedette Mount Board

Suedette mount board has a whit core with a suedette effect cover paper with a nap. This is an acid free mount board and is ideal for jewellery, precious metals and medals. Suedette mountboard is 1500 microns thick (1.5mm).

Mount Cutting Service / Multi aperture mounts in many colours

We can create multi aperture mounts in many sizes and cut mounts to your specifications. we use a computerised mount cutter, so our mounts are accurate with 45 degree bevels that show more of the mount board core.

We can design and cut mounts to fit your items. After the initial designing we are able to offer discounts on additional copies or bulk orders. We can use any of the mount boards specified on the ABNE or any combination to achieve your desired effect.

Alphamat Mount Card

The Artcare™ system protects your precious photos by creating an archival enclosure designed to absorb pollutants and acids that cause photos and art to fade and discolor.

Independent laboratory tests prove only Artcare™ actively protects photos and art from the damaging effects of time – which means your memories will last for generations. Please call or email for a quotation.